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Services included to the Virtual Group Plan

Our Virtual Care Program for Students is a combination of various services. Group Plans can be customized by selecting from any  services below to meet your student's needs.

This virtual care product is not connected to any health insurance policy and not subject to exclusions, limitations and no claims to file!​

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Virtual Mental Health

Students can speak with board certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists or therapists by phone or video from wherever they feel most comfortable. They can book appointments with ease and build ongoing relationships with mental health professionals of their choice – all without having to travel to a doctor’s office or leaving the campus.
More than 75% of members with depression or anxiety reported clinically meaningful improvements after their third and fourth virtual care visit.

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With our telemedicine service students have 24/7 access to doctors who can diagnose and treat the flu; ear, nose, throat, eye, and urinary tract infections; stress; plus many other non-chronic or non-life threatening conditions. Prescriptions can be sent to the local pharmacy of their choice for non-controlled substances.
​Over 90% of all calls received can be successfully resolved.



24/7 Life Assistance

Students can call the toll-free number for confidential, short-term professional counseling, focusing on coping skills for a full range of emotional, family and other personal issues. 

  • 24/7/365 counselors for acute 'in the moment' crises such as a relationship break-up, failing an exam

  • Provide guidance and referrals for long term issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, substance abuse, child-care, elder care, marital counseling  

  • Provide counseling/advice/referrals for financial and budgeting issues 

  • Access counseling/advice/.referrals for legal concerns such as immigration, family law, personal injury, criminal, civil 




Our Dermatology service gives convenient and reliable skin care for a wide range of conditions without the wait. Students simply log in to their account, request a Dermatology consult, complete the intake form, and upload digital images of their skin issue. Within two business days, the member will receive a response from a board-certified dermatologist through the online message center. Members can ask to follow up questions and, when medically necessary, have prescriptions sent right to their local pharmacy.

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Sexual Health - STI Testing

The Virtual Sexual Health service provides a more convenient option to getting tested for STIs. It allows your Students to skip the trip to a doctor’s office and go straight to a testing location. The results and next steps will be available online within 3 business days. Members can choose to talk to a doctor by phone to discuss any questions or concerns.

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Our Board Licensed consulting dentists evaluate, diagnose and resolve your student's dental problem - 24/7/365.  The process will save you hours in waiting in an emergency room. Our TeleDentists can prescribe proper medication and instructions to help put your mind at ease. We will even get your dental appointment scheduled with a dentist in your area as soon as possible if dental work is needed

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With our Virtual Nutrition service, students can work directly with registered dietitians who are focused on their specific clinical and nutritional needs. Personalized programs are developed that include nutritional guidance, custom meal plans, shopping guides, and more.

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Video Library

24/7 access to our library of self-paced mental wellness courses.
Drawing on evidence-based models like Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, as well as the cutting-edge discoveries of mind/body medicine, our courses deliver powerful results in an easy-to-use format.


You decide which services should be included in your plan. For example, our essential plan only includes the modules Telemedicine, Life Assistance and RX discount card and can be expanded as required. All prices are available upon request.



Life Assistance

Discount RX Card

Mental Health


Sexual Health

Video Library



available upon request and additional charge

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