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Why a Virtual Care Plan for your students?

Compass has been taking care of students’ health for more than a decade.

This is why we know that most colleges and universities are scrambling to keep up with the mental and physical health care their students need. With 2 out of 3 students who are no longer in college dropping out because of a mental health issue, our virtual care solutions are more critical than ever!​

Deliver quality care for little cost

Give your students 24/7 access in minutes to doctors, counselors, therapists and more by phone, video or app at no additional out-of-pocket cost to them.

Attract more students to your university.

Differentiate yourself by showing current and prospective students and parents that you are innovative and cutting edge.

Supplement your on-campus programs.

Reduce excessive wait times with real-time quality care, giving much-needed relief to your overwhelmed on-campus providers.

Improve physical and mental health.

The quicker students are able to access care, the faster they are able to get healthy and back in the classroom where they belong

Boost student retention and performance.

When your students are getting the care they need, they are empowered to focus on their education and achieve their goals.

Provide safer, more comprehensive care.

Eliminating the need for students to go off campus to receive care will keep them on campus, increasing their safety.

How to offer the plan to your students?

We offer you various options for using our products for your students.

Choose which package suits you best or contact us to find an individual solution.


Order our package with Advertising Material and give your students the opportunity to book the plan themselves. No obligation for you, but still a good additional service for your students. 


Request a non-binding quote for your group of students. We will be happy to send you an offer tailored to your needs. 


Get a customized Booking URL for your students. We can embed your logo and customize the page with your colors (view sample here).
Depending on the size of your group, a marketing fee per booking can be agreed. 


We are looking forward to hearing from you:

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